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Hi friends! We are totally new to the LARP world. I was curious if there were any experienced players who have a good overview of what we need or who would be willing to answers questions. We're coming from out of state so we'll be packing semi light. How do you keep food cold? How do you travel with a weapon? Is bathing in the lake as fun as it sounds? Do people make runs to the store? Any and all advice would be fantastic! Thank you!

The lake that is there, I would not suggest bathing in. 1.) its very public 2.) its known as leech lake. There are two bath houses on site that have hot showers for you to use. As for food. There is a camp store that sells ice onsite, so your standard cooler will be just fine Travel with your weapon. Just make sure you dont put anything too heavy on top of it that would cause it to dent or malform and you will be just fine. I usually make a town run for food and anything I may not have wanted to pack after I get my camp setup. There is a walmart and aldi about 30 minutes from site. A dollar general is about 5 min from site.



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