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What is DrachenFest?

DrachenFest is a LARP (Live action roleplay), which is to say its basically adult play-pretend where you become a character in a medieval fantasy world and go on adventures.


How does it work?

We get to actually DO the exciting things that only happen in fantasy movies. The DrachenFest community comes together to create a living world, filled with spectacle, drama, and stories that will be told for years to come. The DrachenFest is a competition of different paths and philosophies, represented by different dragons. The emphasis of the game is role playing with each other, and on a combat system of players against other players. We are the little sister of the DrachenFest Larp in Germany, one of the largest and best larps in the world! Please join us in building a new larp scene in America, from the ground up.

The DrachenFest takes place in a medieval fantasy setting which is very broad and leaves a lot of freedom for your own character design. You can play as a new character, or a character you’ve already established at another live action roleplaying game (larp). During the festival, you’ll belong to a camp that represents your character’s path. Each camp has its own territory, and defends a banner. During the festival, the camps lay siege to one another, trying to capture each other’s banners and defend them throughout the night. At the end of the game, there is an epic final battle. One camp will win the Drachenfest and will rule the realm for the next year. 

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