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The Drake Academy

The Drake Academy is DrachenFest’s Youth Program – a specially designed LARP summer camp experience for ages 10 – 15 that will run inside of DrachenFest US!


More than just daycare.

The Drake Academy is a school that sequesters our young heroes in a safe environment so they can train in combat, magic, alchemy, and all the skills it will take for them to become future champions of the DrachenFest! Give your child the opportunity to live the life of an adventurer, just like you!

For a $450 Event Ticket, your child (10-15) will have a summer camp
experience that includes...



This LARP-within-a-LARP will feature art and learning activities, unique classes and quests available only to youth participants, as well as dramatic gameplay woven into the larger Drachenfest experience.


This program will provide tiered experiences so that participants can advance through the ranks each year until they are ready to graduate into the DrachenFest proper!

trained staff

The Drake Academy is staffed by a team of highly trained professionals with years of experience in running educational LARPs and summer camps for young people. This program provides youth with the opportunity to engage with the game in a safe and age-appropriate way, and gives parents the ability to drop off their children each day and enjoy the game knowing that their kids are having an exciting, enriching experience under expert supervision and care.

child care

It runs from 10am – 6pm each day of the DrachenFest (starting Wednesday), with a one-hour break for lunch. In the morning, parents will sign their children in, and pick them up in the evening. While we will provide some snacks over the course of the day, it is expected that families will either send their children with lunches or pick them up for lunch. Outside of the Academy, it is required that any attendees under the age of 16 are accompanied at all times. 

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