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You can find discussion groups, both public and private on this page or on our app (which has a much better  layout for mobile, and a lot more functionality, so we strongly suggest checking it out!).

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Does anyone have a reference for an 'In-Game" map layout? I make canvas maps and want to create a bunch of them to bring in for trade/sale next years game. These will be useful for coordinating battles, avoiding getting lost at events, and being a cool character accessory! Heck, if you want to have 'buried treasure' or secret areas I can even hide hints in maps for you. I can also mark out important bars/taverns if they are consistently in the same spot year to year.

What jpatmurry says. The camp locations and especially the Bazaar layout are not fixed. Official maps are released very close to the event. The map for the Bazaar this year was released five days before. The camp was never officially released online. Only when players showed up and were given a paper copy did people know where they were. So you can do it if you have the ability to do it on-site. I would pay for Monday arrival and get there as soon as you possible could.

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Hey Drachenfest! Where can you get a drink around here? Maybe someplace...

Less friendly than Silver's bar. More combative than Red's bar. Weirder patrons than Shadow's bar. Stickier floors than Blue's bar. And sketchier drinks than Green's bar.

Why, it can only be the worst bar in the Bazaar: Lo Bacaro!

We're here in the heart of Rat City, making the whole place reek of beer and desperation.

Offgame, we're an Enterprise that tries to provide a back alley "dive bar" roleplay experience. We're perfect for the kind of player whose idea of a call to adventure involves sitting at the corner table with your hood up, drinking a mug of something suspicious, starting a bar fight, or making clandestine cross-camp deals.

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Silver Crafter's Union

Are you a Crafter looking for a collective as well as a safe haven on the far side of the Isle?

The Silver Crafter’s Union is open to Crafters from ANY Camp or from ANY Guild, as well as to Crafters within the Bazaar!

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Posting information about this here!

Tab Merkel
Ceilidh the Chaotic Fae
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A meeting to find co-conspirators, hatch schemes and find someone to do a job without too many questions. You will need to get your hands on a vouch token to be admitted (or try sneaking in) these can be found in camps, bazaar, etc.

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Magic Timer Medallion UPDATE

For those of you who purchased the magic timer medallions last year, I know some of you had issues turning them on if you wore gloves last year. So I have modified the code some for you guys. Now you can activate the timing by just tilting the medallion back, and can turn it off by shaking it.

It will also glow brighter so it will more likely be seen during the day. Please just save the attached text file to your computer, and copy and paste it into the file on the device inside your medallion. Feel free to message me with any questions on how to update your medallion.

Medallion with Shake
Download TXT • 2KB

Lysander (Daniel)
Renard Lukov Unfamiliar Underground
Miriam | Esmeralda Eventide
Jenrie (Dalla)
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PILLARS OF FATE is holding our 2nd annual Poetry Slam to crown the next Poet Laureate of DrachenFest US!

Join us at Pillar's camp in our training ring, Thursday June 20th @ 2pm!

Afterwards enjoy our hydration bar, known as The Clockwork Bear, or perhaps see what fate has in store for you with our fortune tellers.... and if you don't like what the cards say you can always hire the Pillars to see if you can't change your fate

Renard Lukov Unfamiliar Underground
Miriam | Esmeralda Eventide
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Ciceronic Companions Stamp Card Establishment Roundup

(this post is being cross-posted in the official forums, the unofficial discord, and the meme page for maximum reach)

Hey, all! With just under two weeks until the event, the Ciceronic Companions are hard at work on this year’s Companions’ Chronicle. One of the additions to the Chronicle this year is a “punch card”/stamp collection page for all the various establishments - both in the Bazaar and in Camps - that offer refreshments, to encourage folks to travel around and try out the wide variety of offerings available.

What you get from us: Once at site, we will give you ¾” square Ciceronic Companions Logo Stamp and an ink pad to keep at your establishment to give out stamps on your spot on our card to the patrons who ask for them.

What I need from you: If you are an establishment who offers…

Renard Lukov Unfamiliar Underground
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I'm too lazy to plan or run this but I think this idea would be a ton of fun. If someone wants to take up the reins and run this please do. I'd participate and help out as a underling.

WeSiege a shared co-sieging space where anyone can participate(i mostly imagined a monster or orcs leading this group). WeSiege would accept temporary members(regardless of camp affiliation) every morning that there is fighting staring at 10 am and if not hired by noon they Siege, by 1pm disband.

Rules/concepts/ideas: If you hire WeSiege and you're not ready in 10 minutes WeSiege you!

If no-one hires WeSiege by noon, the company would go Siege the front runners (whomever has the most points and or bigger defender, we'd have an out of game no bullying the weak camps policy).

WeSiege is run by incompetent idiots and can be misdirected easily by spies.

Ucalegon the Black
Miriam | Esmeralda Eventide

Please mention this in the discord!

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