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Partners & Sponsors

DrachenFest US couldn't happen without our Sponsors and Partners. We're proud of the connections we've fostered, and we know that together, we can make something incredible.

our sponsors

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DragonAde is the official sports drink of DrachenFest US. You can count on DragonAde to immolate your thirst! 


They offer high-end, custom-made larp gear designed to enhance the immersive experience in addition to offering unparalleled handling in combat. 
Check out their site!


Calimacil's weapon's are sturdy, flexible, and safe. Made of detailed, high-impact foam, they are the alternative of choice to latex and homemade weapons.

Check out their site!


With special attention given to durability and practicality, they offer everything a character needs in a wide and constantly improving selection of clothing, weapons, armor, and accessories from reputed brands. Designed for larpers, BY larpers. Check out their site!


LARP Box is the first and only brick-and-mortar LARP store in the US and offers a variety of larp equipment from industry leaders like Nemesis Workshops, Calimacil, Artisans d'Azure, Epic Armoury, and more
Check out their site!

our partners


We've partnered with Playsmith as a tent rental service. Their mission is to make it easier to try larping, and help to make the hobby more accessible. Check out their site!


They are the premier maker of high-end historic replica larp weapons and accessories. They are designed by larpers, for larpers. Check out their site!

Traders of Tamerlane combines their hand crafted quality camping Yurts with artisan lanterns, rugs, and other decor to give your LARP experience the ultimate glow up! Check out their site!

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