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The Bazaar

The bazaar is a neutral player faction where camp players earn and spend coin or seek adventure at Enterprises and Guilds. Alternatively, you can join up as a bazaar player and bring the city to life!

returning player

Are you a bazaar player coming back for the year?

join an enterprise

Want to join one of the enterprises below?

start an enterprise

Have a cool idea? Let us know!

join a guild

Want to join one of the below guilds?

Enterprises & Guilds


Enterprises are player run groups offering services for copper, silver & gold. They differ from Merchant vendors who offer artisan items and food for $USD.

the brass brigade

The city guard, that keeps a watchful eye on the bazaar.

the gambling den

Classic card games with a chance risk it all and win big.

a decadent spa

Self care & Pampering, by a scenic swimming hole.

balance keepers

They venerate the dragons and keep the balance.

the nest of times

The in world newspaper that issues live reports on the contest.

the tea house

Come here to sit, have a drink,  and enjoy their floral delights.

ciceronic companions

Guides in the Dragon Lands- very helpful, for a price.

the soothsayers

A variety of soothsayers and strategists. Try them all!

gilded Cloaks 

General store and woodwork for all of your crafting needs.


Guilds host tournaments and allow camp players to engage in the roleplay of learning and discovery, as well as secret narratives.

the bard haus

alchemists guild

surgeons guild

the fighter's guild

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