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The Bazaar

The bazaar is a neutral player faction where camp players earn and spend coin or seek adventure at Enterprises and Guilds. Alternatively, you can join up as a bazaar player and bring the city to life!

Enterprises & Guilds


Enterprises are player run groups offering services for copper, silver & gold. They differ from Merchant vendors who offer artisan items and food for $USD.

brass brigade



ciceronic companions

the nest of times



ossuary of the lost

the companions

drachenvault holdings

magpies' ledger

siluestribus  spa

pillars of fate

the broth-hal

balance keepers

unfamiliar underground

7 deadly sips tea house

lo bacaro


Guilds host tournaments and allow camp players to engage in the roleplay of learning and discovery, as well as secret narratives.

the bard guild

the crafter's guild

alchemists guild

surgeons guild

the fighter's guild

Have a cool idea for an Enterprise that fills a fun new niche? 
Apply to start your own Enterprise!

Are you an experienced role-player? Perhaps with a group of players would like to join with? Do you have a concept for an in-game business you and your friends would like to portray? The city is your oyster! We will help set you up with a space, logistics, and work with you to figure out what you need to thrive.

If you're interested in starting an Enterprise, the click the button and submit an application...

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