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Join the Build Team

Our build team will be responsible for creating the visually stunning world in which the festival will take place. Apply now, and you can be part of the team that makes this whole thing happen!

help bring this world to life

Volunteer to be on the DrachenFest-US Build Team! You get $50 off your ticket per work day, which are typically 6-10 hours long. However, work pace is casual and steady, with plenty of breaks. You can work as many days as you like to have your ticket completely comped! You can even be 'On Call' during the event itself and have that count as a ‘day’. You also get a Cap, a T-Shirt for each full work day, and three square meals for every day you're working! Our goal is to have fun as a crew and bring the world of DrachenFest to life!

Build Team 2024 is Closed for the Season!

Thank you for your interest in helping with building the Drachenlands. Please checkback Early 2025 to see how you can join then!

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