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How to Play

DrachenFest may be adult make believe, but it has a few rules. You can learn how to engage with the world and create a character in the sections below.

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2024 rulebook

Make a character, engage with the world, & having a good time.

2024 play guide

Everything you need to know to play the game - start here!

PDF Coming Soon!

2024 warbook

A guide for doing battle and combat between the Camps.

the blog

A blog space where our staff discusses how to best engage with the game.


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Once you know the rules...

Decide who you want to be. You can bring a character from any fantasy world you've ever seen or played in. Whether they're from another larp, a tabletop game, or even books and movies, it's all okay as long as the character is one you made up!  Then you'll decide if you want to join a Camp  or the Bazaar.



Each camp follows a Unique dragon that embodies certain virtues (and vices) that should relate to your character and their ideals and attitude.


Camp players compete against each other to collect Dragon eggs, win battles, and determine which Dragon will win the competition this year. 

The Bazaar

For some experienced players, your character may belong in the Bazaar. It's home to characters who belong to the Guilds and Enterprises that teach skills and serve all Dragons and their camps.

Bazaar players don't compete in the contest, but they do support it. They're not NPCs, and have their own stories and can engage in battles!

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