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Our Values (Code of Conduct)

DrachenFest US is an American LARP experience with a diverse team at its core. We know first hand that ‘Isms’ are still very prevalent in gaming, and we want to be very clear that this is not the place for them. Period. We want this space to not only grow the hobby, but to grow its participants' understanding of what inclusivity means by creating safety for diverse voices and experiences and allowing friendships to blossom across all walks of life through the wonder and magic of LARP. 

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This is a fantasy festival where anyone can be anything they want, and that means we don’t want to hear about how all elves need to be skinny, tall, and pale- or how all Dark Elves are inherently evil. DrachenFest is a medieval fantasy multiverse and draws from more worlds than our individual perspectives can possibly imagine. We ask that our participants commit to foregoing their expectations in favor of making the space friendlier and more welcoming. It will be a  better experience without real world sexism, homophobia or transphobia, ableism, or racism. All participants must respect this decision and avoid language or behaviors that could be interpreted as breaking this rule. Participants who harass others or break this rule will be removed from the experience.

We’re not saying you can’t play an evil Dark Elf, or a blood thirsty orc- far from it. Your character from a long running D&D campaign is a really cool choice, and we hope you’ll show them off. However, we insist that you avoid bringing real world issues and themes into the game that might distress or aggravate other attendees. Generally, this means  avoiding common fantasy tropes and stereotypes that could be attributed to real world minority groups and taking extra care with your costuming. Eg. Finding an alternative look for your Dark Elf if you would typically use all black makeup. If you’re worried that you might have a character that would cause a stir, either check our [upcoming] costuming guide, or ask us directly! We’re not going to argue with anyone about why something should be allowed, but we also won’t be judgmental or tell you that you can’t play your character the way you want elsewhere. We will however work hard to help you find a way to make your concept and character fit in so we can find common ground and build a bigger, better LARP community.

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