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Greetings All,

Just wanted to take a few minutes to post some information about the Dark Banner! The camp within Shadow Camp that is the home for all creatures of the Orc and Goblin blooded. We also host a variety of dark human types, Skaven, Beast men, Haradrim, Easterlings, Corsairs of Umbar, Chaos followers, and various mutants and cannibals.  This is to give access to those who can't physically do the full mask and kit. We do have a minimum of costume requirements to stay within the Dark Banner's camp.

Don't let that scare you away though, it's much easier to get kitted out then you may think, and we are here to help. If you are coming to Drachenfest US for the first time or are returning to the world again for the amazing experience; and want to join up with the Dark Banner!

Lazarius (Jackson)

Hello, all! Baronex Cerra de Rosumbra, Mages Guild Primex and Sunshine in a Skull here! I’m always in search of other friendly undead/denizens of underworlds to befriend and swap stories with. I’m also seeking a ride to site for Tuesday morning and from site for Sunday evening again. I can offer gas money, especially since I have a large and somewhat unwieldy tent.

Looking forward to seeing all y’all in the Drachenlands!

Locasta (Iron Sorcerer)
Lazarius (Jackson)
Lazarius (Jackson)

Hello there/

I’m new to the community and come bearing questions! Will someone be gracious enough to provide me with a live link to the (Unofficial) discord server?


Lysander (Daniel)
LivieLivingLife (Bernadette Cadieux)

Come to the first meeting of Shifters Anonymous! Whitemyst Tavern, June 20th, 4pm

Renard Lukov Unfamiliar Underground
Watch-Capt. Rooks (Ali Shubbar)
Lazarius (Jackson)

Hello all! figure id introduce myself been lurking in the forums for a good while now(since the first drachenfest.) i wanted to attend last year but things didn't pan out timing/ preparation wise but this year i screwed up my courage and bought my tickets. Drachenfest will be my first LARP but not my first RP experience, but ever since i saw an ad for the first Drachenfest i dreamed of attending and making some new friends and making some fun stories and wonderful memories. ill be flying in from sunny Florida so this will be quite the adventure one way or another lol.

i hope to bring my undead hussar turned highwayman turned stranger in a stage land to life so to speak. i hope to join the bazaar but if that doesn't work how im hoping. i hope i can find my place in one of the other…

Lysander (Daniel)
Solaris (Lauren)
Mike Porch - Pascal

Hi everyone!

Myself and my fiancee will be coming this year for our first Drachenfest and are super hyped! By any chance, could someone share the link to the green discord? We would love to start chatting with our fellow campers! 💖

Evening, friends!

My partner got approved much sooner than I did, and are enjoying their camp's discord, but we are in different camps and I am DYING to start meeting folks and getting into the vibes🥲

Is anyone willing to send the Blue Camp discord link to an eager first timer? [I promise I'll keep all our secrets hidden away from my little goblin girlfriend😇]

Ariel Keener
Ariel Keener

Hey guys! Me and my wife are going to be attending drachenfest for the first time this year and I have officially decided to go with green camp! Does anyone have the link to their discord? I'm inpatient and don't want to wait for my join request to be approved😅😅

Also add me on discord username: singady

Justicar Aeliera (Laura)

New Character Roll Call!

Playing a brand new character this year? Who are they? And what excites you most about playing them?

Tiberius Petronius Scipio


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