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Hello all! figure id introduce myself been lurking in the forums for a good while now(since the first drachenfest.) i wanted to attend last year but things didn't pan out timing/ preparation wise but this year i screwed up my courage and bought my tickets. Drachenfest will be my first LARP but not my first RP experience, but ever since i saw an ad for the first Drachenfest i dreamed of attending and making some new friends and making some fun stories and wonderful memories. ill be flying in from sunny Florida so this will be quite the adventure one way or another lol.

i hope to bring my undead hussar turned highwayman turned stranger in a stage land to life so to speak. i hope to join the bazaar but if that doesn't work how im hoping. i hope i can find my place in one of the other like minded camps.

as they say on the world of orbis,cheers to new friends and curses to old enemies!

pic of my helm/head.

Lysander (Daniel)
Solaris (Lauren)
Mike Porch - Pascal
CJ Hyde
CJ Hyde
Feb 08

Welcome! This will also be my first fest and I look forward to seeing your spooky mask! Im sure my pi-rat surgeon will think about trying to fix that but maybe just a polish for the dead-thing! I'm going to be heading over from Oregon so wooo flight time buddies \o/



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