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Sarah Freeman
Sarah Freeman

Hey I need advice first timer would love any advice for a newbie, camping supplies, stuff like that please and thank you.

Hi everyone!

I’ll be a wandering enterprise this year, traveling from camp to camp to sell my wares. I plan on selling honey sticks, wooden folding fans, and these patches I’m making. So, if you see me with my basket, please know that I’m friendly, and just want to make some (IG) coin! See you in about a month!

Renard Lukov Unfamiliar Underground
Ucalegon the Black

The Matches for the Sumo Tournament are up, thank you to everyone who signed up!

If you missed your chance to sign up and want to compete, show up anyway and enjoy the festivities, if a competitor doesn't show you can fill their spot on a first come first serve basis.

Ucalegon the Black

Hey DFUS, Nice to meet you my name's Reggie and I will be playing Ucalegon the Black at Shadow Camp this year, he's a crafter in game but at the same time I will be bringing my IRL whetstone and sharpening kit for those in need of place repair and refinement. If anyone would be interested I planned to have him market rather aggressively by kidnapping a few "customers" for a first time is free blade sharpening. If that sounds like a fun idea to you feel free to reach out!

Drucilla Meany


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