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I've been LARPing since 2019. I started out in parlor LARP but started branching out more in 2023.

LARPs I've Done:

-Vampire the Masquerade (two different orgs).

-The Night in Question.

-Gilded Cages.

-Giovanni: Family Reuinion.

-Breakfast Club (a VtM Ghoul LARP).


-The Circle.




-Summer LARPin (2019 and 2024).

-Intercon (2024).

-Various one shots with a LARP group in western, MA.

-DFUS (Blue Camp in 2023, Bazaar in 2024).

AuDHD and anxious.


The Bazaar (Approval Required)

Mel (Silas Hawthorne)

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