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Red Intro
Siege Weapon close up.jpg

The Red Camp

Driving Force of the Eternal Cycle

What makes a good Red Camp character?


Become a Champion of the Red Dragon if you seek glory and honor through action and mighty deeds! Known for its warriors, this Camp also boasts great artisans and crafters - those who work with their hands and take great pride in the results. The Avatar of the Red Dragon seeks out champions who work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

"Fire and Fury!"

Action & Deeds

Your deeds speak for you. No need for fancy words or courtly etiquette - the world will judge you by the work of your hands and your mighty deeds!

Valor & Honor

You cannot put a price on your good name. Your reputation comes before all things and is worth more to you than anything. 

Battle & Bloodthirst

This is the Camp most hungry for battle. You fight for what you hold dear. And wrongs will be paid for in blood.

Crafting & Trades

Valor can be found in many forms - including the crafting of beautiful objects and useful goods. You prize the works of your hands and take great care with all you create. 

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