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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

2024 Rulebook & Change Log

The rulebook for the 2024 event is here:

Over the next week, we may fix typos and make small clarifications. On 4/18/24, the posted version will be final, and the Mobile/PDF versions will be available via the website.

Change Log

Fighting Rules (p8) - Clarified that hitting an opponent multiple times before they’ve had time to give a reaction only counts as 1 hit. This addresses questions related to “drumrolling”, and engaging against fighting styles from other larps.

What happens when I die? (p10) - Added language to clarify the roleplay intended by execution. An execution is a small dramatic roleplay action such as stabbing someone through the heart or slitting their throat. You don't have to say anything out loud, and merely tapping a downed opponent on the leg will not necessarily kill them - unless they want it to. (After the fight, if a fallen character gets up to limp back to camp, any damage will instantly kill them)

What’s the Limbus? (p10) - Updated Limbus’ operating hours (11am-10pm), added text about what to do if you die while Limbus is closed (come back later).

Ranged Rules (p14) - As detailed in this article, added rules suggested by Archery Safety Panel: Your shots must directly target a specific, visible person. You may not arc your shots in order to target a more distant target or a person behind cover (no volleying). Never fire blindly into a crowd. Arrows cannot be used as melee weapons. No guns. Added arrow specifications. Added link to recommended vendors. Added links to FAQ pages that centralize archery information.

Loot Stickers (p16) - When requesting loot stickers for matching sets of items, you can ask for a max of 10 at a time. Once those have been put into play, we're happy to give you more. Our sticker supplies are finite, and we want to be sure there's enough for everybody!

Role: Healer (p20) - Clarified that the target of First Aid needs to be stationary. (Some Guild Skills may get around this.)

Leech (p20) - Clarified you can’t cure poison–that needs an antidote!

Role: Crafter (p20) - Added language clarifying repairs happen outside of combat. Added text about scope of crafting, Crafter’s Guild. Replaced the four “Crafter Jobs”, linking jobs to tool type.

Dispel Magic (p23) - Clarified you can’t dispel poison–that needs an antidote!

New Spell: Smite Monster (p18) - As detailed in this article, spend one minute stationary while empowering a blue strip of fabric inscribed with mystic runes, 2-3 feet long. Tie it to the grip of a one handed weapon. The weapon’s next swing can damage a large monster. You can only maintain one at a time, the enchantment will last for five minutes, and is spent the first time anyone swings the weapon (whether it hits a monster or not). Multiple enchantments do not “stack” on the same weapon. The monster’s handler will need to see the blue indicator in order for the hit to count, so play it up!

New Guild Heading: Crafting Guild (p24) - As detailed in this article, the Crafter’s Union is a guild for people that do tangible crafting projects during the festival. They host Guild Trainings in different types of Crafting, which enable characters to advance timers for armor & shield repairs while working on real-life crafting projects. By completing a significant crafting project at the guild, you can earn the ability to forge a Dragon Mark, a symbol of craftsmanship which enhances a game item.

Guilds (p26) Added links to Guild pages

Non-combatants (p27) - Added “bright orange sash” as an additional possible noncombatant signifier (making them easier to recognize on a battlefield). Clarified scope of play for noncombatants, and how to engage in roleplay conflict with them. 

Added Game Effect: Dragon Mark (p30) An item marked with a Dragon Mark (pictured on right) is “master crafted”. Armor gets +1 to its max value. Shields can block an Orb of Power but are then damaged and need to be repaired (the mark remains). Gates get +5 min to defense time, War Machines get +5 min to attack time. You can only benefit from one Dragon Mark at a time.

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