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Lo Bacaro is opening up applications to host events perform at your favorite nearly potable watering hole! Are you a bard who wants people to see what you do or want to host a SECOND SKELETON BACHELOR PARTY? Please fill out the attached form with information about what you're doing. Being able to schedule bards and performers ahead of time will give us time to promote you and make sure that only the best of the bastards can see you.

NOTE: During the day this year, Bacaro will be all ages but NOT OFFERING ALCOHOL. Once we start serving, the area becomes 21+. This form will not include anything related to the Brawl.


Mistress of the House

Elra Adarra

Amanda/Sigrid (she/her)
Miriam | Esmeralda Eventide

We'd be happy to help advertise at the Nest! Especially if you know in advance, since we're trying to pre-write as much as possible this year so we don't end up with last year's logistical problems



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