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The Second Annual Limbus Shakai Sumo Tournament

Where: Limbus Shakai Camp, by Gates of Limbus

When: Thursday, June 20 2024 9 PM

Food and Drink for sale (in-game currency)

Tournament Betting & Staffed in-game Casino

Will Marion of the Bazaar be able to defend her Grand Champion Title!?

8-16 Person Tournament depending on sign-up numbers

NO entrance FEE

Increased Prizes!

1 Silver for Third Place Sekiwake (Junior Champion)

2 Silver for Second Place Ozeki (Champion)

Plus an Ornate Bonzai Tree Planter

3 Silver for First Place Yokozuna (Grand Champion)

Plus an Ornate Bonzai Tree Planter

Plus the Coveted Championship Headband

Interested in Signing Up?

Fill out the form while spots last!

Alexandria Valerious (Melanie)
Yon solbeski
anne-of-lace (margo, she/her)


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