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Hey Drachenfest! Where can you get a drink around here? Maybe someplace...

Less friendly than Silver's bar. More combative than Red's bar. Weirder patrons than Shadow's bar. Stickier floors than Blue's bar. And sketchier drinks than Green's bar.

Why, it can only be the worst bar in the Bazaar: Lo Bacaro!

We're here in the heart of Rat City, making the whole place reek of beer and desperation.

Offgame, we're an Enterprise that tries to provide a back alley "dive bar" roleplay experience. We're perfect for the kind of player whose idea of a call to adventure involves sitting at the corner table with your hood up, drinking a mug of something suspicious, starting a bar fight, or making clandestine cross-camp deals.

But we do have some self-respect, so the drinks aren't actually terrible. And not-terrible drinks cost money. If you're inclined to patronize us, we'd be thrilled if you helped chip in to make this experience great and to thank our truly amazing team for their (pretend bad) service.

We'll have a tip jar on site, but you can also help us out digitally.

PayPal: @guildmetothemoon

Venmo: @Sam-Pickard-80

Thank you!



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