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I have a mechanics question and I’m not sure on how to proceed. I’m working on my character kit and I have the Witcher swords from calamacil (picture included) the Steel sword is 47.6 inches long from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the pommel and the silver sword is 49.5 inches. The blades on both weapons are about 36.6 inches without the handle. Now the Steel sword is pretty popular and I’ve noticed in photos and videos of the previous Drachenfest US events some people were using it with a shield— implying that it counted as a one-handed weapon though it is longer than 43 inches. So my question is are we using the measurement of the blades to count toward the 43 inch rule or do I have to take the Striker skill with my build since they technically are two-handed swords but shorter than most pole-arms— and if so would Striker be a greater benefit then taking say… Champion to boost my HP since I don't fight with a shield?

Dan | Logos (he/him)
Dan | Logos (he/him)
Dec 05, 2023

DFUS Rulebook 2023 pg 10. "Any weapon under 43" can be wielded one handed." Weapons are measured from pommel to tip. I can't speak on who was wielding what weapons and how.



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