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Silver Crafter's Union

Are you a Crafter looking for a collective as well as a safe haven on the far side of the Isle?

The Silver Crafter’s Union is open to Crafters from ANY Camp or from ANY Guild, as well as to Crafters within the Bazaar!


2 Copper Per Year


Signed Contract & Official Listing


~ Protection and Defense provided by the forces of Silver Camp! In all matters of injustice such as abuse of service, theft, wrongful attack, and more, in conditions where members posed no justifiable threat, Silver’s system of Jurisprudence will step in to seek justice for any members of the S.C.U. This includes, but is not limited to: Subpoena,Trial, Bounty Hunting, Punishment, Retribution, Demand of Reparations, etc...

~ A place to gather when wandering as far away from the Crafter’s Guild as you can be, as well as trusted fellow Crafters to journey with!

~ LIMITED QUANTITIES: New non-Silver members gain a Silver Passport Day Pass, good for all days of the year that you have paid Union Fees for!

~ LIMITED QUANTITIES: New members receive an official pin!

~ Participation in the Leadership process and elections!

Come by the Crafter’s Tent at Silver Camp to Learn More!


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