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I'm too lazy to plan or run this but I think this idea would be a ton of fun. If someone wants to take up the reins and run this please do. I'd participate and help out as a underling.

WeSiege a shared co-sieging space where anyone can participate(i mostly imagined a monster or orcs leading this group). WeSiege would accept temporary members(regardless of camp affiliation) every morning that there is fighting staring at 10 am and if not hired by noon they Siege, by 1pm disband.

Rules/concepts/ideas: If you hire WeSiege and you're not ready in 10 minutes WeSiege you!

If no-one hires WeSiege by noon, the company would go Siege the front runners (whomever has the most points and or bigger defender, we'd have an out of game no bullying the weak camps policy).

WeSiege is run by incompetent idiots and can be misdirected easily by spies.

WeSiege doesn't give a crap about flags they just want to Siege and raid the spoils.

Out of game benefits: WeSiege would be a great way to have a wildcard nuisance group that all the camps would need to be paranoid and worry about adding more complexity and depth to the game and it will give "bored" participants something to do earlier on in the day when there is less going on. It sort of adds "npc" threat and can create drama when a camp member is part of WeSiege when they siege their own camp. It could also be a fun mixer to get people working together who normally wouldn't.

Ucalegon the Black
Miriam | Esmeralda Eventide

Please mention this in the discord!



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