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Does anyone have a reference for an 'In-Game" map layout? I make canvas maps and want to create a bunch of them to bring in for trade/sale next years game. These will be useful for coordinating battles, avoiding getting lost at events, and being a cool character accessory! Heck, if you want to have 'buried treasure' or secret areas I can even hide hints in maps for you. I can also mark out important bars/taverns if they are consistently in the same spot year to year.

What jpatmurry says. The camp locations and especially the Bazaar layout are not fixed. Official maps are released very close to the event. The map for the Bazaar this year was released five days before. The camp was never officially released online. Only when players showed up and were given a paper copy did people know where they were. So you can do it if you have the ability to do it on-site. I would pay for Monday arrival and get there as soon as you possible could.



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