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Ciceronic Companions Stamp Card Establishment Roundup

(this post is being cross-posted in the official forums, the unofficial discord, and the meme page for maximum reach)

Hey, all! With just under two weeks until the event, the Ciceronic Companions are hard at work on this year’s Companions’ Chronicle. One of the additions to the Chronicle this year is a “punch card”/stamp collection page for all the various establishments - both in the Bazaar and in Camps - that offer refreshments, to encourage folks to travel around and try out the wide variety of offerings available.

What you get from us: Once at site, we will give you ¾” square Ciceronic Companions Logo Stamp and an ink pad to keep at your establishment to give out stamps on your spot on our card to the patrons who ask for them.

What I need from you: If you are an establishment who offers refreshments (food, coffee and tea, soft drinks, or hard drinks) and you would like your establishment to be included in this year’s stamp card, comment in the thread below with your establishment name and location (Bazaar or Camp) both so that we can confirm your inclusion on our card, and so that we can find you on site to deliver your stamp and ink pad.

Thanks in advance!

Renard Lukov Unfamiliar Underground


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