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Since people are likely starting to get into their prop-making for this year's event, I thought I would share this. While at DFUS I play a Mage, in other settings I play an Alchemist, so for all of you playing Alchemists who are putting your kits together, here's a simple prep/materials bowl. On the left is your basic plastic salsa bowl from Walmart that runs about $1.50. On the right is the result of "misting" it with two colors of spray paint and a couple coats of gloss sealer. When I say misting, I mean the idea isn't to completely coat it perfectly in paint, but to hold the can about a foot away and do a couple quick, light passes with at least two colors. For mine, both were in the bronze family, a basic gloss bronze and the hammered look from Rustoleum in amber, but other color pairings would get you different metals, just use your brighter color first, then your more muted. Again the key is light, quick passes. You can also use flat/matte as your paint and sealer in order to get a cast iron or other more muted metal look. The texturing in the plastic does not make these a good option for a wood look, however. Then I just gave it two regular coats of an acrylic spray clear gloss. The end result is light, takes up very little room, and adds to that "working alchemy" setting you'll want for having your kit evaluated or to enhance a camp Alchemy lab, but glass sample dishes would be too modern.

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This looks amazing! Thanks for the ideas!



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