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Hello Drachenfest people o/

New to LARP in general person here who hopes to join you all this year. While it will be my first LARP I've always loved acting and drama and do enjoy hopping up on a stage when the chance presents itself. And looking at the US fest as well as videos from the German one makes it looks like so much fun! I'm not fully sure if this is the right location to try and introduce myself but I have joined the unofficial DFUS discord as well. Hopefully I can get to know some of you as the big week draws closer.

The character I hope to play is currently taking shape slowly as I'm trying to work on the costume slowly and will provide a picture but if you wish to see more of the progress here is a folder; Faclan User Profile | DeviantArt

I am however unsure as to which camp he will belong too. He is a Skaven, specifically from Clan Skurvy, Pirate who while he is surely capable of yo-ho-ing and stabbing for booty his main job was one of the ships Surgeons. And throughout his career before he was thrown off the ship, and washed up at the Fest, learned instead that proving he was useful/valuable and keeping his head down was key to survival in Skurvy. So while he is a terrible rat-man he would quickly move to assist if he sees a medical issue he can help with. After all if you 'owe' him that means you won't stab him! Yes-yes! I was thinking of a healer engineer background for him. So a squishy rat medic. But its still early days for working out how Veskatt the story character will translate over into the game itself. Feedback appreciated! The costume will hopefully approximate the lad but as my first time trying to make something like this I'm sure it won't turn out perfect. But thats part of learning and growing.

Appreciate you taking the time to read this and I hope to learn all I can before the day itself arrives and I hopefully make my way over to the fest from Oregon.

Fengar Aventyr
Lysander (Daniel)
Solaris (Lauren)

One important thing to note is it looks like that costume is going to be pretty hot. While the nights cool down quite a bit, it is very hot during the day. Please be aware of that and be extra careful to drink a shitton of water and electrolyte drinks, and consider wearing a linen under layer next to your skin.



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