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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

2023 War Book: Change Log

We are proud to release the DrachenFest-US 2023 War Book!

Because this year’s game features gates and sieges, and incorporates feedback from last year's game, our war rules have significant updates. Please re-read the war book thoroughly. Here are the highlights:

  • Reorganized and Clarified wording throughout the text.

  • Clarified what Battle Refs do. Emphasized that they may move people around for safety reasons, and should not be argued / haggled with during battle.

  • Last call to initiate a battle is pulled back to 9pm, near sunset.

  • Expanded rules for sieges: Attackers use Large Monsters and War Machines to attack a gate until it breaks. Before then, Defenders can end the siege by defeating the attacker's War Machine crew or Large Monster controller. The length of the siege is influenced by the defending camp's pre-game construction efforts, and the quality of the attacker's armaments.

  • Gates have a Defense Timer (max 60min) based on pre-game construction efforts. An attacking force has an Attack Time (max 30min), based on the large monsters and war machines they bring to battle. When the siege begins, the Attack Time is subtracted from the Defense Timer (to a minimum of 5min), and then the attackers must assault the gate until the rest of the Defense Timer runs out. If the defenders destroy the attacker’s Large Monsters / War Machines first, the siege is broken.

  • Gates, provided by the game, can now be repaired, spied on by an engineer, or blown up using explosive barrels. Explosive barrels can help speed up the timer, but can’t open a gate all by themselves.

  • It only takes 5 minutes to capture a contested court yard, not a full 10.

  • During the final battle, dying eliminates you. If you’re merely knocked out, and you receive healing and recover, you may continue to fight.

  • Multiple Dragon Eggs can be socketed using one ceremony.

  • Added specs for camp construction projects which can add to the Defense Timer

  • Camps can now have one War Machine and one Large Monster summoned at a time.

  • Added details for Large Monster tiers

  • Added specifics for different types of War Machines, and their tier ranking system.

  • War Machine Rate of Fire fixed at 30sec per shot, regardless of tier.

  • After being destroyed, War Machines and Large Monsters can now be brought back into play after a 2 hour cooldown. In future years, if there are a ton of these Armaments in the game, the cooldown timer may increase so that they all get a turn.

  • The banner carrier is now only immune to attacks while carrying the banner, not all the time

  • Added rules for closing camps, aka "checking out" of the war game

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