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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

What is a Camp Coordinator?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

DrachenFest-US camps are managed by players, and that effort is led by a Camp Coordinator. That's a DrachenFest player (not a ref!) who acts as a liaison between their camp and the DrachenFest staff, and manages their camp’s out-of-game setup and logistics. They’ll be highly involved in organizing the camp before the game, and during the pre-game “early arrival” days. This is a purely out-of-game role with no in-game meaning or significance, so camp coordinators are allowed to pursue in-game camp leadership positions separately.

Their responsibilities are:

Before the Event:

  • Draw the Camp Map - Players will let the coordinator know what they're bringing: tents, camp projects, installations, etc. A few weeks before game, the coordinator will draw a map of where everything in the camp will be placed.

  • Camp Project Management - the Coordinator maintains a space on the DF forums for players to pitch ideas for camp projects, volunteer to help, and get consensus for how they want to set up the camp.

    • Camp Projects could be things like a cool front gate, tavern, hospital, internal camp signage, lanterns, camp badges, insignias, belt hangers, meals and parties, or other things that will bring the camp to life.

    • Each project has an “owner” who is in charge of delivering that project. They’ll give the Coordinator the total requirements for it, including space and cost.

  • Collect donations from players. DrachenFest gives each camp a stipend, but most of the camp funding comes from its players. Camp donations are never required! The Coordinator collects these funds and green-lights projects on the wishlist as they are paid for, in order of their priority.

  • Make purchases (or reimburse others’ purchases) using those camp funds.

On site, During Early-Arrival Days, before game-on

  • Act as (or appoints) the camp “welcome wagon”. As players arrive at the camp, the welcome wagon will greet them, answer their questions, and show them where to put their stuff.

  • They'll organize free hands to help with camp setup. This includes any improvements the camp is making to their front gate and palisades, and setting up stuff inside the camp. This is a group effort--If you see people building, check if they need help!

During Play

  • Liaise between the camp and DrachenFest Staff; If the camp has Out-of-Game needs like electricity, marking off mud flooded areas, etc, the Camp Coordinator will reach out to their contact on the event production team.

  • Project Safety Inspector - throughout the event, they'll monitor and address structural instabilities in camp projects - things like collapsing tents, leaning towers, or other potential hazards.

On Sunday, After Game

  • Final Camp Checkout

    • Players can't leave until their coordinator signs off that their camping area is clear.

    • Before leaving site, the camp coordianor must get a sign-off from the Build Team that their whole camp area is clean.

As you can see, the Camp Coordinator mainly faciliates logistics. The responsibility for camp vibe and cohesion is shared by all camp players. Coordinators may be willing to help resolve internal conflicts and personality clashes, but they are within their rights to say "Sorry, I can't help with that."

Please note that while Camp Coordinators have created online spaces for their camps outside of the DF forums, (like Discords or facebook groups), these spaces are not official and not moderated by DrachenFest. These spaces can be used as a discussion & staging area, but no plans are official until they're on the forums!

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