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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

Heed the Call!: The Camps of the DrachenFest

The DrachenFest calls champions from many and varied realms: the goal is for one of the five dragons to reign supreme for a full year’s time. The DrachenFest becomes remade in their image, and it is said that this conflict is key to maintaining the cosmos. Each Dragon has a place in the greater world, and each camp is representative of the virtues and vices of their Dragon. Each camp is vying for control in a masterful contest, using diplomacy, trickery, magic, competitions, parties, and even the occasional bout of shenanigans. Banners need to be taken, eggs need to be collected, and rituals need to be conducted. Glory, honor, and command goes to the camp that successfully wields all of these tools. This is the heart of the DrachenFest, the conflict to remake the universe, and each camp has its own secrets. Most important of all: there can be no conflict without camps opposing each other. There is balance in the chaos, and order in the rivalry.

The Silver Camp

Never Tarnished! The silver camp believes in honor, virtue, chivalry, and mercy! They maybe believe a little too hard, thinking their way is the only way. They have no patience for rogues or assassins: The Silver Camp believes that the best way to stab someone is from the front! This attitude tends to get them into trouble. But if you’re a fan of shining armor, piety, and taking pride in your work, you’ll get along with them just fine. Keep in mind: their focus on honor and chivalry does make them excellent when opposing groups need a mediator. But whatever you do, do not cross them lightly: their righteous anger is infamous. And their focus on armored warfare makes them particularly tough nuts to crack. These noble heroes might get a little too noble for their britches, but once the swords come out, they acquit themselves with a heroic skill! Fools assume that honor means you only have limitations. But honorable conduct also means that people trust you in ways others might not. Silver detests oath breakers as Silver will always keep a promise made or a deal reached. The alliances of the Silver Camp are known to be worthwhile and honest for all involved.

The Blue Camp

Place your bets, boys, gals, and nonbinary pals! We’ve got five camps in play, all vying for control of the DrachenFest, and here comes the uncommon denominator: the Blue Camp is the hardest partying, hardest fighting camp to ever roll through the Bazaar for a good time. For freedom, for adventure, and for revels, these are the people you want to hang around. But don’t be fooled by their lackadaisical exterior! My cousin’s daughter’s former roommate told me about this time that someone welched on a bet. A hulking, tough slugger carrying the biggest axe you’ve ever seen! The big secret of Blue Camp? They party hard, but they also fight hard! And one of their number still carries that axe to this day! Blue Camp gets a bad reputation for drinking harder than they fight, but it might be better to take them out for drinks than to cross swords with them. Woe to those who would force Blue Camp to demonstrate their strength of arms instead of the strength of their drinks. For they may find the amount to be in equal measure.

The Red Camp

Fire and fury consume the Red Camp. The mastery of the forge is their domain, and their warriors are well-versed in using their varied weapons. Last year, through the strength of arms and quick wit, the Red Camp was victorious. This year’s DrachenFest stands in their image, forged in the fires of their will. They will work, fight, and bend the world until it stands as a testament to their force of will. Can they hold onto the power they claimed for another year? Or will they find themselves consumed by the philosophy of another camp? One thing is certain: their will to test themselves in the fire of competition may carry them to the most incredible heights, or it may throw them into the fire they love so readily and so deeply in their desire to prove their worth.

The Green Camp

Life finds a way, even if it’s a bit sideways. The Green Camp are at the center of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The Green Camp are the greatest hunters, deeply in tune with the world around them. Death comes to those who attempt to battle them in their woods, life to their allies, and sometimes there are even snacks! They also have the most brutal aversion to the undead, with a tendency to hunt and destroy anyone they think is a necromancer. This was of a particular strain to them during the last DrachenFest, when they hired the entire Lyceum Arcanorum to take part in the final battle with them. They were told by the terrible Grand Primex of the mages “we shall be unrestrained.” And then they had to face the fact that in agreeing to this, they unleashed vast hordes of zombies upon the battle, denying their ancient oaths! Green Camp prepares to do battle in the DrachenFest once again! This time, there will be no mistakes with the undead. They will unleash the power of the wilderness, and may the Dragons have mercy on those who oppose them.

The Shadow Camp

Who are the members of Shadow Camp? They are the odd, the contradictory, the tricksters, and the unusual. Defined not by any one creed, the Shadow Camp are more united in that they know they are the outsiders, seeking to push the boundaries of knowledge no matter the means. They are used to getting the losing part of a deal, and they are used to having to figure out new plans on the fly. Their strength is their versatility: not defined by any one aspect means that they can adapt to a variety of situations. Their weakness lies in the fact that without a unified creed or philosophical position, they often lack the ability to hold their ground against a solidified opposition. But as the old saying goes: a jack of all trades but a master of none, is still better than a master of one. The only thing you can expect with Shadow Camp is the unexpected.

The Bazaar

There is more to the DrachenFest than just the five camps fighting. There’s the Bazaar! This central location holds shops, businesses, a contest ring, and all manner of wonder and whimsy! After a rough battle, there’s nothing quite like having a drink with your friends. Be advised, inside the Bazaar, there is no conflict between camps. And the Brass Brigade stands ready to make sure everyone remembers that. And those who think they have a monopoly on might should consider: they have a cannon. The neutrality of the Bazaar can be maintained with lethal force.

But it’s best not to dwell on that. After all: are you really going to start a fight where you drink? That’s just bad politics. You do want to hire mercenaries when things get complicated of course. “Neutrality” can be a variable state, especially once a coin hits the table. The various enterprises of the Bazaar can teach you all manner of incredible skill or unusual mastery which may be precisely what your camp needs to achieve victory!

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2 comentários

Miriam | Esmeralda Eventide
Miriam | Esmeralda Eventide
07 de jun. de 2023

Bombastic 👀 @ Silver being called the camp to never break an oath 🤔🤥

Respondendo a

We have the papers (and referees) to prove it! 😎

It was green that was the oath breakers. ✨

Silver never breaks an oath or a deal.

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