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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

Banditry and the Bazaar

It can be fun to roleplay characters who sway into a life of banditry, theft and other illegal vices. And it's also fun to hunt down thieves and make them pay! This pilot project is about creating an opportunity space for these types of characters to play with each other.

Why "pilot project"? This might not work, or it might not be enjoyable - or it may need fundamental re-design. Simply put, we want to make everyone aware: we are testing out this system at DrachenFest for the first time and are likely to change it. Please do your best and play to the spirit of the law when engaging with this system.

You can rob the bazaar.

Specifically—and we mean, really, really

You can only rob enterprises. Never. Ever. Attempt to roleplay robbing a vendor.

  • Enterprises sell goods and services for DrachenFest coin.

  • Vendors sell goods and services for real-life $ USD $.

If ever in doubt: Every bazaar allotment will have a sign with a house number. Enterprises have odd numbers, vendors have even numbers.

loot sticker
A Loot Sticker means an item is stealable

Enterprises may choose to opt-in and place a “Thievery Board” in a visible, open, accessible location on their allotment. They will ensure that only items with Loot Stickers are placed on the board.

The Thievery Board

  • A thievery board is 12”x12” and is painted fire hydrant red.

  • Only items on top of a thievery board can be stolen during game play. If a thievery board is empty, nothing can be stolen.

  • The thievery board is an OOG identifier which clarifies the consent of the enterprise leads and players, saying: ‘These items may enter your OOG possession and ownership, following fair in-game thievery.’

  • The thievery board should not be in contact with any other item - it should be visually very clear, that only items on the board can be stolen.

  • All items on the board must be labeled with a loot sticker, which can be collected from referees.

  • Disputes in terms of fair theft (see below) will be moderated by referees, and cautiously err on the side of the enterprises. The onus for providing fair roleplay is on the would-be thieves.

  • Players who engage this system are opting-in to the repercussions of being caught. This does not change or invalidate any standing safety mechanics, such as ‘oh mother’. We want to make it clear: Both your success and failure can be a fun opportunity for you or another player. So, yes, you can rob the bazaar! But if they catch you, please roll with the consequences.

Fair theft?

What makes a theft unfair? Using out-of-game distractions such as calling a referee, waiting for the target to interact with a ref or take care of their kids, or capitalizing on OOG construction efforts. Please do your best when planning these thefts. Working in small groups with distracting roleplay is ideal. If an enterprise determines that the attempt to steal something was unfair, our consideration goes to the roleplay victims - please accept their judgment in the moment and move on. The onus is on the thieves to provide a fair, and even fun theft. City referees can clarify or mediate if there are concerns during the game.

Can we just stab and kill shopkeepers?

Yes, but at great risk. You have just injured or killed a member of the bazaar, blessed by the grace of all Dragons. Every single guild is a member of this faction. So, yes - murder is technically allowed by any player - but please understand that your character will live, and die, with the consequences.

Side note to fair play and the pilot project: If you do plan on being the sort of bandits that don’t mind a bit of aggravated injury: Please ensure that you focus on the roleplay aspect of this. This includes being open to having revenge plots started against you, wanted signs, and being labeled as antagonists by the bazaar. To be clear on steering: Groups that start to run roughshod over the bazaar, hitting all the enterprises with paramount efficiency and no regard to roleplay or fun for both sides will shut this project down—even mid event.

What are the consequences for stealing from the bazaar?

The Brass Brigade guards the Bazaar

Infamy? Wealth? Bragging rights? Seriously though, if you get caught as a camp player - it might be up to the enterprise to ‘deal with you’, indebting your service to them. You might be arrested by the city guard or you might incur shame onto your camp. Simply put: By engaging with the system, you ‘flag’ yourself for higher level conflict plot, and more severe character repercussions, which can be tricky to get out of. As usual, if a situation escalates beyond your comfort, you can always say 'oh mother' and opt-out.

What is the goal and intent of this pilot project?

  • Firstly, to create a domain of play for bandits and thieves inside the city, and give them spaces to ‘hit’ aside from other camps. You want to play a sneaky bandit? We love that!

  • Secondly, to create an economy of roleplay around fantasy jurisprudence… not to mention enterprises making their own slick deals with the thieves they catch, or engaging in the roleplay of ‘protecting their stash’. Some enterprises welcome the challenge! Others outsource their revenge plots... ‘Hire a thief to catch a...?’

  • Finally, we want to carefully approach opportunity spaces which have a high potential for conflict and misunderstanding and put these into very clearly defined opt-in spaces.

The bazaar, and a small amount of enterprises and guilds, look forward to all sorts of miscreants attempting to steal their treasures!

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2 comentarios

I just had a few clarifying questions as a Bazaar player. One, if we want to participate, will the red square be provided or make sure to bring one? Two, I'm assuming the idea of the red square is an easy area for everyone to reach without breaching privacy. But in our mind's eye, it could be akin to sneaking into someone's tent. So could locked boxes be put on the square as well as other items? I.e. my character has a wand they do magic with and a valuable necklace. In my character's tent, the wand would sit out but the necklace would be locked in a jewelry box. So on the red square is a wand sitting out and then…

Me gusta
Contestando a

Great questions, thanks!

1. We’ve asked enterprise leads to fabricate these with their players. We’ll have a few but encourage you to talk to your enterprise lead about making them.

2. This isn’t a simulation of breaking and entering. It’s what you see is what you get - the thieves board is an oog identifier that these items here are flagged as an opportunity for theft play. We want to take it step by step, working up to more sophisticated consent based rogue roleplay like you’re suggesting, and would work with dedicated mechanics for breaking and entring in future. For this year, it’s only theft as our pilot project.

3. This is addition to, and does not change or invalidate…

Me gusta
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