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Silver Intro
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The Silver Camp

The Creator of All Things

What makes a good Silver Camp character?

All those who are noble of heart, heed the call of the Silver Dragon! The Avatar of the Silver Dragon values chivalry and mercy. They seek Justice and show Mercy - most of the time. But be warned, followers of the Silver Dragon are proud and filled with righteous anger towards those who wrong them. 

"Never Tarnished!"

Jurisprudence & Mercy

The Avatar of the Silver Dragon loves justice and mercy - as do their followers. You stand for what is right and good - always. 

Chivalry & Noble virtues

You always demonstrate the most noble and correct behavior - especially in front of a crowd.

Pride & Decadence

You know that you are among the chosen of the Silver Dragon and are not afraid to show it. Why should you not flaunt your superiority?

Righteous Wrath

Having answered the call of the Silver Dragon how can your character be in the wrong? And being right, how can you anger be unjustified? 

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