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Shadow Intro
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The Shadow Camp

The Domain of Magic & Death

What makes a good Shadow Camp character?


Knowledge of the secrets of the Universe and the unending quest for that knowledge motivate the Avatar of the Shadow Dragon. Their Champions are known to be cunning and delight in outsmarting their foes. But they are also witty and full of adventurous spirit. They know that everything that lives must die and everything that has a beginning must also have an ending. 

"To the End!"

The End Of All Things

You seek knowledge even when you dread what you might learn. All things that begin must end, but you want to know why!

Death & Destruction

You know that Death is part of the Eternal Cycle and that destruction is not always a bad thing. But you prefer that someone else be destroyed before you.

Cunning & Subterfuge

You are clever and use your wits. Why fight the other Camps when you can simply trick them into doing what you need? 

Thirst for power

All of Shadow Camp hungers for power. And you know that power comes in many forms. 

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