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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

Unveiling the Call: A Journey into the DrachenFest Realm

In the world of live-action role-playing (LARP), the DrachenFest is a legendary gathering that takes place in one of the dragon worlds where adventure awaits at every turn. But how can you find yourself summoned to this extraordinary festival? Let's delve into the mystical ways in which you can answer the call of the DrachenFest.

Do you hear the fiery warcry of Red?

The Metaphysical Call

Before every DrachenFest, the all-powerful dragons sound a call that transcends the boundaries of space and time. This call is not necessarily perceived only as a sound -- it is a metaphysical summoning that resonates deep within the souls of mortals. It contains emotions, thoughts, and images of the dragons and their various aspects, inviting mortals to come and serve as champions, followers, and believers. Whether you hear this call in your dreams, in the whispers of the wind, or in the depths of your consciousness, it is a sign that you have been chosen to embark on a journey to the DrachenFest.

Identifying with the Dragons

As the call of the dragons reaches your soul, you may find yourself drawn to one or more aspects of a particular dragon. Each dragon embodies a unique philosophy, represented by its various aspects. You may even feel the call of multiple dragons, presenting you with not only a choice but an opportunity to shape your path. By choosing which aspect resonates most strongly with your beliefs and values, you can align yourself with the dragon whose call you will answer.

Embarking on the Journey

Once you have identified with a dragon and chosen to answer its call, you are given a unique purpose and direction to embark on a voyage toward the dragon world. This journey can begin as mundane travel, whether by ship, land, or foot. Along the way, you may encounter fellow travelers who share your destination, forming alliances and bonds that will aid you on your quest. Guided by the call of the dragons, you will eventually reach the border between realities, where the metaphysical mists mark the threshold to the Dragon-world.

In addition to the traditional journey, some mortals may find themselves summoned to DrachenFest through more unconventional means. 

Imagine a tired traveler seeking respite from their travels under the shade of a towering tree. As they drift into a peaceful slumber, they are unaware of the magical forces at play. In their dreams, they are transported to the Dragon world, where they awaken to find themselves amidst the festivities of DrachenFest. 

This enchanted slumber serves as yet another pathway for mortals to answer the call of the dragons and embark on an adventure unlike any other.

Protected by the Dragons

As you journey through the mists, you are protected by the metaphysical wings of your chosen dragon, guiding you safely to the festival island. Whether you are a seasoned warrior, a mystic sorcerer, or a humble wanderer, you have been called to DrachenFest for a reason, and your journey is just beginning.

Hear you the jaunty song of Blue? Or the alluring whisper of Shadow? Both shall grant you safe harbor through the mists.

How does this play into my roleplay at DrachenFest?

Your creative choice in how your character travelled to DrachenFest can be your ice-breaker and an invitation to explore each other character’s backstories when you first arrive. As there’s no specific game mechanic this ties into, and it’s entirely an ‘off-screen element’ maybe even as part of your character’s backstory. Feel free to co-create and ‘yes-and’ your, or your groups’ journey to DrachenFest!

"The fungi were perhaps too eager to help."

"The ship we sailed on had the most amazing cookies, I managed to get some from the galley, anyone want to try?" or "We travel here every year by gryphon-drawn caravan, through a series of fungal portals from the underworld where we come from."

How did you get to DrachenFest? 


In conclusion, the path to DrachenFest is as mystical and diverse as the characters who answer the call. Whether you are drawn by destiny, guided by belief, or driven by curiosity, the dragons have chosen you to be a part of their legendary gathering. So heed the call, brave traveler, and prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime at DrachenFest.

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