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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

The Bazaar in 2024

Every year, the Dragons summon beings from faraway lands to provide their champions with hearth, trade, and training through the bazaar! There are vendors, guilds, events,  enterprises, and likely even brick-throwing riots!

We don't want you to miss out, so we're here to help. We've created a map just for you! This map will guide you to the people and places you're looking for, but remember that every plan can change with unexpected surprises.

Please note, this map is a point-in-time document, and there will likely be last-minute changes that may affect its accuracy.

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1 Comment

Ossuary of the Lost (graveyard) {E} is not on the list unfortunately, but exists just "south" of the Great Ritual Circle (52). Please come pay your respects to the fallen.

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