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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

DrachenFest-US Guild Skills in 2024

Starting this year, when you complete a skill class, you'll be given a card with your skill's text. If you earned a skill in previous years, swing by the Guild and pick up the card for it. When skills are updated in future years, the Guild will issue an updated card. Go pick it up early in the event!

What's a Guild Skill, anyway?

Our concept of “Skill Progression” is an optional part of the game. Guilds offer training in advanced skills, but you don’t need them to be competitive. Most are just additional roleplay options (with attached mechanics). Joining a guild isn't really about “leveling up” so much as it’s about exploring a specialty and getting deep into DrachenFest’s lore and roleplay. By taking a guild class, you share an experience with other similar characters, and become part of a small community. And you'll practice the safety and consent culture surrounding some of the game’s more complicated abilities. 

If you’d prefer to do other things, you can skip this part of the game completely without feeling “underpowered”, or that you’re missing out.

And if learning new game skills interests you - you don't need to come up with a "build" or progression plan in advance. Some people have more fun with this if they let their experiences and intuition guide them, rather than a plan they made outside of the game.

Where do you find Guild Skills? Explore! This is part of the fun. Walk around the bazaar and find the Guild you're interested in, talk to the people there. Lean into the roleplay of wanting to train and perfect your art.

As discussed elsewhere, there are three kinds of Guild Classes. Some offer Guild Skills; you can only train one of those per year. Some offer Guild Trainings - you can take as many of those as you'd like. And some fun classes offer no skills at all, they explore roleplay topics.

Some (but not all) skills have multiple ranks. When you "rank up", the Guild Lead will use a special hole-puncher to mark your rank on your card.

Here are the skill cards for 2024!

Alchemy Guild

Alchemy Guild Skills:

Alchemy Guild Trainings:

What can you make using alchemy? Here's a list. More details about production and the roleplay involved are shared during Alchemy classes.

Bard's Guild

Bard's Guild Skills:

Crafter's Guild

Crafter's Guild Skills:

Crafter's Guild Trainings:

Fighter's Guild

Fighter's Guild Skills:

Magic Guild

Magic Guild Skills:

The caster lets their target read this card:

The caster lets their target read this card:

Red School Rank 2+ cards will be available in-person. Each rank lets the caster select an augmentation to the base "zombie" package.

Magic Guild Trainings:

Surgeon's Guild

Surgeon's Guild Skills:

Surgeon's Guild Trainings:

Thieves Guild

Thieves Guild Skills:

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Rhys McKay
Rhys McKay
2 days ago

For Lifeward, does the sash have to be worn over the shoulder? Or could it be worn wrapped around a belt? I have a cloak and I think a classic sash would be pretty obscured under it or cumbersome and odd looking over top it.

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