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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

Campsite Layout Draft for 2024

We'd like to share our layout draft for DrachenFest-US 2024.

This configuration is subject to change. Many factors could impact our final positions - including heavy rainfall before the event, safety issues, wild swings in camp headcounts, and other factors which we can’t anticipate.

In determining this year's layout draft, our primary considerations were:

  • Aligning camp headcount to camping space. DrachenFest is growing! Many camps have outgrown last year's sites and must move to larger areas.

  • Room for future growth. We don't want to squeeze camps into a spot that barely fits--we want everybody to have enough room to potentially stay there for a few years, even as the camp grows.

  • Avoiding areas with higher flood risk. The southeast side of the lake, aka "the bog", can be swampy after heavy rainfall.

Only the Bazaar has access to electricity. Every camp has access to water spigots.

We can't wait to see you in June!

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