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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

Camp Leadership: The Head Diplomat

This is part of a blog series on Camp Leadership

The Head Diplomat

Short Description: They politic with other camps to seal temporary defensive alliances or join forces in battle. They must keep their Camp Refs looped in about the camp’s diplomacy and relationships.

Skills Needed:

  • Networking

Contest Responsibilities & Details:

  • Politic with other camps

  • You are the official ‘face’ of a camp when interacting with other diplomats. Perhaps your camp is working on a plot or simply needs something that another camp has. It might be your job to go and strike a deal, collaboration or even talk about potential alliances.

  • In larp, like in life, shit happens. Sometimes people make mistakes and most often, the diplomat is sent out to smooth over conflict. Your job is try and find the diplomatic option and keep the dialogue going. Even in heat of war, when the majority of your camp is calling for blood and might actually be torching their camp gardens and laying waste to their civilians, you know that when it’s over and your camp decides otherwise, you’re the one they will come to with ‘Hey, so we want to make peace now. Uhm, can you go and see if they would be open to that?’ 

  • Seal alliances & treaties - There are multiple types of ‘official’ alliances. An official alliance is one that is stamped and noted by a referee. DrachenFest does this to keep tabs on current global alliances to keep a count of potential battle sizes and be able to staff battle referees to emergent battles. ‘Official’ alliances have no mechanical benefit.

    • Defensive alliance - A limited agreement, either one sided or bilateral which says ‘in the event the camp is attacked or besieged, the allied camp will send fighters to its aid. This document should include who, how and where can call for aid. 

    • Battle alliance - A limited agreement, either one sided or bilateral, which says the camp will join forces on the battlefield, either to besiege a camp or for a field battle. This document should include how the spoils of war (banners, eggs etc) are generally split. 

    • Full alliance / victory alliance - A combination of battle & defensive alliance. This alliance may even be a one-sided victory alliance, whereby one camp gives another camp every unsocketed egg in order to push that camp towards winning the DrachenFest. These alliances are typically made late in the game, e.g. on Friday. A full alliance is required to fight together during the final battle on Saturday. 

    • Other alliances: Feel free to come up with your own alliances! Perhaps a collaborative alliance for both camps to engage in a specific plot? Or one that allows use of tactical resources, crafting or the ritual circle? Just remember to create a in-game document, have it signed by both diplomats and have a camp referee stamp the alliance. 

  • Note: Backstabbing can also be a fun, dramatic way to play DrachenFest. False alliances with entire armies turning on an ally are a dramatic way to demonstrate a camp’s power and secure the win, but at the cost of being seen as treacherous. A great places to bring this into play are on the field during the final battle while forming up. Inform your referees about potential backstabbing options if you plan to turn heel against another camp!

  • Organize official camp visits / trades. If someone important is coming to camp, give them a formal reception. Make sure envoys and deliveries are handled with appropriate pomp and circumstance

  • Collaborate with other diplomats to establish neutral ground or protocols for parley

Opportunity Spaces & Domains:

  • Alliances, short & long term

  • Inter-camp emergent plot

  • Betrayal & backstabbing

OOG Dangers:

  • Not empowered by camp

  • OOG-misinformation mixup

For more details, read our post Diplomacy and Alliances: A Guide for Diplomats

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