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The Wizard's desk is a blog space where our staff and creative leads offer their insight and experience on engaging with DrachenFest US! We're excited to share what we can, so pull up a seat!

Camp Leadership: The Champion

This is part of a blog series on Camp Leadership

The Champion

Short Description: A warrior with a knack for theatrical combat, they are called on to fight duels and honor combats for their camp and to represent their camp in the Fighter’s Guild tournament

Skills Needed

  • Theatrical combat

  • Public Speaking (to inspire & motivate)

Contest Responsibilities:

  • Figurehead in camp army

  • Lead army on front line

  • Fight honor duels

Opportunity Spaces & Domains:

  • Theatrical fighting

  • Camp inspiration

OOG Dangers:

  • Player ego

  • Fairness in combat


  • Unlike other roles, the Champion is chosen in-play, through a camp fighting tournament. Be aware that the fighting tournament is focused on theatrical performance - the “best fighter” is usually the one who was most thrilling to watch.

  • The Champion plays a prominent role in the camp army. By working with the camp General, they help lead and inspire the army, modeling a fighting style and attitude towards combat.

  • The General may ask the Champion’s help in briefing and training the camp army, as well as motivating them using through speeches – and the occasional honor duels.

  • When two forces clash, the engagement is sometimes preceded by a deadly duel of champions. This can be an intense unifying moment for both armies!

  • A great roleplay goal for the champion is to help camp members explore and express your camp's aspects through their combat roleplay. How can you make fighting your camp feel different than fighting other camps? Maybe the green champion helps fighters find their own inner wildness, the red champion might encourage bloodthirstiness, and the silver champion might train the army in mercy and grace.

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