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Jun 19, 2023, 12:00 PM EDT – Jun 25, 2023, 6:00 PM EDT
Coopers Lake, Pennsylvania,
205 Currie Rd, Slippery Rock, PA 16057, USA
The Event

What Is DrachenFest?

Epic Battles, Intrigue, Fantasy come to life.

DrachenFest is a gathering of live action roleplayers (larpers, for short) where attendees spend 4 days as fantasy characters, battling on behalf of the dragons which represent their goals and values. 

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What Do I Get?

You attend the festival as your own fantasy larp character. You can play as a brand new character, or someone that you established already at another larp or tabletop RPG, past or present!

$195-$270 The Basic Admission Ticket

Is sold in rounds with incremental increases in price as we approach the event.  You’ll be given a plot of land to set up your tent.

$25-50 Early Arrival is an add-on that lets you show up as early as Monday, June 19th. 

 Tent space can be purchased separately as an add-on. These are spaces in medieval themed tents in the camp of your choice. Cots are provided, but bring your own bedding! This section is coming soon!

What You Get
The Camps

The Camps

Camaraderie, Battle, Teamwork. 

As a player, you’ll belong to one of several possible camps. Each camp represents a different philosophy or way of life.


Want to know how the camps do battle?

The Bazaar

The Bazaar

Tournaments, Guilds & Feast!

The bazaar is a neutral player faction.

Earn and spend your DrachenFest coin, and seek adventure or favor at any of the Enterprises: player run groups offering services for copper, silver & gold.

Guilds are special enterprises, which host tournaments, allow camp players to join to learn guild skills and open pathways to secret narratives for those who enjoy the roleplay of learning & discovery. 

Merchant vendors are also part of our game world, and offer artisan items and food for $USD.

Come and join an Enterprise or Guild team as a player, and bring our city to life!

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