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The Guilds

Advancement. Adventure. Opportunity.

We have limited by-application-only spots for experienced players to start as guild-members, as a citizen of The Bazaar: Your stories will be canon lore, your ideas will form the backbone of Drachenfest!

During the event, all camp players have the opportunity to join the guilds, and trade hard won coins for unique guild skill courses, and discover hidden opportunities, and quests

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See a gap? Start an Enterprise!

Are you an experienced role-player? Perhaps with a group of players would like to join with? Do you have a concept for an in-game business you and your friends would like to portray? The city is your oyster! We will help set you up with a space, logistics, and work with you to figure out what you need to thrive.

If you're Interested in starting an Enterprise or joining the above organizations as something more than just a member or patron, and don't want to fight in the Contest, then...

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