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Green Intro
Green Camp marching.jpg

The Green Camp

Keeper & Protector of the Eternal Cycle

What makes a good Green Camp character?


The Green Avatar is the Keeper of the Cycle - the protector of all things natural. Both life and death are valued equally. Followers of the Green Dragon are merciless masters of the wild, celebrating the fittest and keenest hunters.

"For The Wild!"

The Hunt

You enjoy the pursuit of a worthy foe. The challenge of the Hunt calls to you. 

The Wild

Nature in all its splendor and monstrousness calls to you. You seek the freedom of open spaces and to live without the gaudy splendor others seem to value

Survival of the fittest

You fight hard to keep what is yours - everyone else should do the same. Why should you help those who cannot help themselves? 


The natural order must be maintained. Sometimes this requires sacrifice. You see nothing wrong with that. 

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