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Player Resources

Everything you need for Drachefest

Hail and well met, Festival Goer! 


Over the last two years, we’ve learned a lot about the Festival and what players need while they are on the Dragon Island. Below is a list of resources to make your life easier while at the Festival.

Taxis, Ubers, and Transport

Ubers, Lyfts, and other ride share apps are not consistently available to or from the campsite!

Please make alternative arrangements for travel and do not rely on being able to get a ride from the campsite to any location (including to airports, train and bus stations, etc).

Site Address for Reference

205 Currie Road

Slippery Rock, PA 16057


Local Taxi Services

Group Transport

Currently, Drachenfest does not organize transport to and from the campsite. There will be a travel post in the approved chat groups closer to the festival dates, but players must self organize.

Restaurants and Food

On Cooper's Lake Campground

On the campsite there is a well stocked store with prepared food, groceries, and camping supplies available during normal business hours. And it's an short walk from any part of the Festival. 


Off Site

There a several local and chain restaurants located a short drive from the campsite. 


As of the 2023 Festival, there was no food delivery services or local restaurants that delivered to site. 

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