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Blue Intro
Blue fireside story telling.jpg

The Blue Camp

The Rebel

What makes a good Blue Camp character?


Join the Blue Camp and champion the Blue Dragon if you love adventure! The Blue Dragon and their followers live for freedom and merriment. Constantly looking for a good time, they are also always seeking to discover new things. Beware, though, if you cross them in a fight - especially over coin. 

"For Freedom!"


Freedom means everything to you. Not in the sense that you can do as you please - but in that no one can ever force you to act against your will!


You yearn to learn more about the world. And you can only learn by throwing yourself into interesting situations!

Self Determination at all Costs

The right to self-determination is inherent to the Blue Dragon. You shall forge your own path. Always!


Love of gold and all things beautiful is a core aspect of the Blue Dragon.

More is better!

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